We are a modern travel agency at your service. We have reimagined the travel agency with fresh eyes, we have a deep passion for travel and our travel agency is modern, inclusive, tech-enabled and well, pretty cool. Connect with an advisor who understands your travel style and plan your dream trip together – all while unlocking exclusive perks and upgrades. Join us in reinventing the travel industry one trip at a time. During this post pandemic time, travellers are learning things can be more complicated when planning a vacation. One wrong move, and they can find themselves stuck half a world away. Tour operators have new rules, Travel insurance has changed and nothing is true online unless you’ve confirmed it recently and directly, and it often takes persistence just to get someone on the phone. If you are nervous about travelling perhaps consider one of the hosted trips our travel consultants have planned, from an adventure in Morocco to a luxurious river cruise, our consultants always has something booked and happy for you to join them. Who wouldn't want to travel with their very own travel consultant! Connect with a travel consultant who understands your travel style and plan your dream trip together – as we are an affiliate partner with Travelsavers AMG you also will benefit the exclusive perks and upgrades we pass along to you, who ever said no to a room upgrade? We love the travel savvy client who likes to research parts of their own trips and we work with them by ensuring they are using the best point system for purchasing tickets or getting an upgrade etc. We are happy to advise on Airbnb/VRBO's, and from small BB's to large resorts. As pro-travellers we use all channels of travel in order to offer honest consultation and proposals. Our corporate clients enjoy working with us as we ensure their favourite airline is booked and their sleeping pod is reserved along with their dietary requests submitted. Their points are assigned and a driver has been arranged to pick them up from their home to get them to their exclusive lounge at the airport before departure. So please join us in reinventing the travel industry one trip at a time, we have access to the best deals across all categories and packages you can’t find online and we have years of making connections and partnerships with tour operators, airlines cruise lines, hotels etc so we have confidence leaving you in our partners hands when you arrive in your destination.

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